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Digging through my photo backups..

Roosevelt IslandCollapse )



...you know you are overworked when you're trying to type an email to someone and making futile attempts to use Dreamweaver shortcuts on the text. And than for about five minutes you are unable to understand why it doesn't work.



..Speaking of local wonders, wandertoe and I have apparently discovered a truly wonderful and very local (at least for me :) )yoga studio, which totally won us over with its cozy decor and great tea after class. (That is counting the fact that there were only three of us in the whole class.) I only hope that they will stay that way. We've walked out with that amazing feeling of happiness, when everything around seems good no matter how bad it truly is. Actually, on the way back we've seen a group of people that looked as happy as we were. The only difference was that the dense cloud of weed smoke was spreading for a block in each direction from them.

I couldn't find myself nice username for this journal, as almost all were already taken. And with this username I now feel kind of obliged to write about local wonders around, since there are many anyway. :) The whole Williamsburg is a wonder, if you think about it. A very specific kind though. It's not like my still truly beloved Boston (and surroundings), with its brick roads, small old very European-looking streets, gothic churches, and lots and lots of trees. Williamsburg is more like an urban dump which people left behind, but in which there is still a chance to find some gems. Old abandoned brick buildings with broken windows and huge rusty pipes. Fences hiding some kind of ruins, which became overgrown with grass and flowers. Small barely noticeable antique stores selling other people's lives, stuck in time of around 50 or so years ago. (The one we saw yesterday looked like it was selling horns and hoofs, for example) Beauty of urban decay in its finest. For the past couple of months I dream about finally going around with a camera and trying to picture at least some of that. Somehow, it still didn't happen, so if anyone wants to join, you are more than welcome, since it could actually accelerate things.

printf("hello, world");

...I guess that spring has always been the time for new beginnings, just as fall is the time for cutting loose edges and finding new roads. At least spring is the time when you get that urge to start something from scratch or at least tear and burn and dance on ashes of something you already had. 

Following the urge this time I've decided to cut my hair. And now it feels like with a good half of my hair some kind of curse started to disappear and things actually aren't as bad as they seemed, or rather as they were. And, you know, some of them weren't good, to say the least. The weirdest feeling ever, time going backwards, returning something that I thought was missing for good. Tarot laughing at my face, once again saying that there is much more happiness around than I see.

...Returning to the subject, the new journal is a part of that "new beginnings" run. I created it to prolong that feeling of the fresh start and also because for some unknown reasons I don't feel like writing it in Russian. So Hello World and welcome.




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